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The bow and arrow has a long and ancient history as a weapon of war. Archeologists tell us that this weapon dates back to at least the  Stone Age, 20,000 BC. The earliest documented evidence is in the late Paleolithic period, when the Nubians and Egyptians used this weapon in their military conflicts. Although the oldest evidence of the deadly arrow appears to be from the Sibudu Cave in South Africa where arrow heads were found, a site dated 72,000 -60,000 years ago. In Sri Lanka, the bow and arrow were in use 46,000 years ago. Similar evidence was found in France in the Grotte Mandrian at a site determined to be 52,000 years ago, a site often described as possible evidence of the first humans leaving Africa. By 12,000 years ago, the bow and arrow appear to have spread globally, although the spear appears to have been the preferred weapon in Australia and its near neighbors.Records indicate that the bow and arrow were extensively used in China during the Shang dynasty (1766-1027 BC). It was also used in early Japan. Ancient Assyrians, Parthians, Mongol and other peoples of the Middle East and Asian adopted this war weapon. Ancient Greek and Romans used the bow and arrow. In Europe the bow and arrow were widely used in warfare by the Vikings and various indigenous peoples in Europe. By 500 A D, the indigenous people in modern day Iowa were using the bow and arrow. By the Middle Ages, it was dominate in wars globally. The English developed the “long bow” which was the deadliest weapon in Europe at the time. Turkish warriors refined this weapon to create a very efficient composite bow that could send an arrow up to 900 yards.The broken arrow was sometimes used as a symbol of peace. The Iroquois buried their arrows and weapons of war at the White Pine Tree to symbolize their commitment to perpetual peace between their nations. In modern times, it was used by the U. S. military as a symbol to alert people to the presence of great, imminent threats.The invention of the arrow as a weapon was one of the significant factors that attributed to the global development and deployment of organized armies and warfare by indigenous people, tribes, and nations. Its history pre-dates “modern civilization” throughout the world. This unique history has made the arrow an appropriate symbol of war and the “broken arrow” an appropriate symbol of peace. It is for this reason we have chosen the broken and crossed arrow as our symbol of peace and friendship and for this reason we trademarked this symbol to protect its proper and respected use.It is our intention to continue to protect the integrity of this trademarked symbol, and in the future to allow its limited use by others when:A)100 International countries sign an affidavit that their country respects and honors the  peace symbol of the broken arrow and crossed arrow as a true and authentic peace symbol for the world and encourage the open use of it for their government and its citizens; orB) 1 billion people internationally have been exposed to this Peace Life TM symbol and recognize it as a universal peace symbol. (We can track and prove this on social media and a few other ways.)Once the A or B contingency has been satisfied, we intent to open our Peace LifeTM logo of the broken and crossed arrow world  as a peace symbol. (With limited use as follows: Limited use of this specific symbol authorized for private individuals, governments, and all nonprofits to freely copy and use our TM symbol of the broken and crossed arrow. This symbol is to be exclusively used only by the above-mentioned governments, individuals, and nonprofits to promote peace, inner peace as well as; kindness, compassion, tolerance, and respect in the same spirit as those Indigenous people who used the symbol to mean peace, that is, “no war”.) We intend to be vigilant to protect the integrity of this symbol so that it is not misused and so that the power of this symbol of peace is not lost. It is also our intention to promote these specific principles in our future activities to encourage peace, anti-violence, and inner peace. We invite all our friends of Peace Life to continue developing and growing the attributes of kindness, compassion, tolerance and respect within their own lives. Then extend the same goodness and virtues towards your families, friends, strangers and foes. As billions embrace peace it will expand with a ripple effect of Billions and Billions of silent acts of kindness, compassion, tolerance and respect across the world.With deep gratitude love and compassion, may the peace be with you.


Written by; Les Lobaugh Jr the coauthor of the US Endangered Species Act

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