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The Power Of Agreement

What is The Power Of Agreement?
How can I begin being to use it?
The Power of Agreement is an ancient and powerful force that in our time of great divisions in humanity the Power of Agreement has almost been lost especially in the main stream media.
The Power of Agreement was taught and used by powerful and wise ancient leaders. Even Jesus himself taught, “agree with thine enemy quickly.” But why would a master of morality teach this?
Is giving your agreement are you selling out by casually agreeing with others when their political or moral points of view could be diametrically apposed you yours? Or are you  avoiding potential riffs or heated debates among friends and acquaintances?
The Power of Agreement is a tool or a method to become a metaphysical “Teflon Don” or in other words The Godfather of not letting others disagreeable or negative conflict energy stick to you or effect you.
Agreement can me simple and easy to learn and implement.
Here is an extremely taboo hypothetical example that may help illustrate the concept:
Let’s say for instance your a Mormon and one of your Christian friends reads and online article and takes it to heart that “Mormons are not Real Christians.”
Then you are confronted over a heated topic being discussed in the break room at work that Mitt Romney, a fellow Mormon, is not a “Real Christian,” and you are being thrown in the discussion as a fellow Mormon! What do you do? What do you say? Allegations are being made about your religion something extremely personal to you. Your in the spotlight and all eyes are turned on you.
It may to you as a Mormon sound completely ludicrous since the real name of the “Mormon” church is the “Church of JESUS Christ of Latter Day Saints.” Which in fact is a mouth full, but slap in the middle of the name of the church is the name of Jesus himself!
Common understanding may suggest that a church with the name of Christ The Risen Lord in it, is in fact a Christian Church and a church that is constantly praying in the name of Christ is a Christian Church and a church that performs all it’s ordnance’s in the name of Christ is a Christian Church. However this is not what your friend and coworker has been told. So, how do you answer your friend?
Your friend is literally accusing you of not being a “Real Christian” this has to be incredibly offensive right???
How can you keep the power of agreement on your side???
Well it’s easier then you might imagine all you have to say is, “Ya, I suppose your right” simply agree with whatever the claim is and move on to the next topic of conversation. You gave yourself an out with The Power of Agreement!!!
And that’s it plain and simple, as difficult as is might be to let an accusation of this magnitude go uncontested you are left untarnished and you are free to move on. Unless of course it’s a truly sincere question and in fact worth your time, which in a different setting if a sincere question were asked about your religion a sincere answer would be given.
When agreement is given it leaves no apposing energy to push back on and therefore there is no mental emotional or spiritual struggle to engage in!
When you protect yourself with the Power of Agreement you set yourself free from hours and hours of potentially heated debates where tempers could flair and friendships could be strained or lost.
Try using the Power of Agreement and see what luck it brings you.

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